Training board shows JTAG for testing and programming -

Training board shows JTAG for testing and programming

PRODUCTRONICA, Munich – JTAG Technologies demonstrated a training and demonstration system for real-world boundary-scan testing, device programming and related activities.

In co-operation with the Benelux regional representative of Altium  – Transfer BV – and hardware development consultancy – DsignWorx BV – the JT 2155 training board has been developed to demonstrate  the features and test techniques available to users of JTAG Technologies’ ProVision  & JTAGLive application development systems.

For Altium users the design serves as an example of how to adapt the Nano board into a realistic custom design.

The JT 2155 has a ARM 7TDMI Core NXP processor, Altera Cyclone 3 FPGA, DDR2 memory block, serial I2C  memory, analog to digital converter, accelerometer and touch screen controller.

“Traditional IEEE Std. 1149.1 boundary-scan testing is well known,” said Peter van den Eijnden, managing director of JTAG Technologies, “the new training board has been built to allow us to show exactly what JTAG/boundary-scan is capable of in the second decade of the 21st century. Many of our leading edge customers need to both learn about and see other JTAG applications.  For example, some customers have been requesting demonstrations of JTAG testing using the processor’s core, while others have sought to embed at-speed ‘BIST engines’ into FPGA’s.” The JT 2155 has been developed to meet this need.

The video below gives and overview of the board and provides a demonstration of how its it used with JTAG Technologies software.


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