Training improves flexibility -

Training improves flexibility

LONDON — Staff at GSPK Circuits have in Knaresborough have been celebrating achieving SMED (single minute exchange of dies) certificates. Run in conjunction with Yorkshire Productivity for GSPK engineers and team leaders, the SMED certificate enables a reduction in set up time.

The training provided will help the company increase from 100 to 150 set ups per week, increasing smaller batch turnaround with shorter lead times.

The SMED incentive is part of a two year plan being driven by a major global automotive supplier based in Germany. GSPK, being their principal supplier, have complied with this initiative which forms part of their own supply chain development plan being conducted in conjunction with the supply chain group formed by the DTI.

Martyn Gibson, operations director at GSPK Circuits, said, “We have also put every employee, including management, through a carefully managed and schedule training programme. Achieved to date have been the two foundation courses for lean manufacture; 5S and Standard Operating Procedures. There are a further four initiatives planned for 2005; Kaizen, Just In Time, Skills Development and Production Lead Maintenance which form part of our competitive strategy.”

From left back row: Martyn Gibson, Greg Nowell, Paul Evison, Jim Dodsworth, Sean Wilkinson and Ron Vaz;

Front Row: Rob Johnston, Bob Wrightson, Ian Peacock, Craig Strawbridge

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