Training to raise UML 2.0 awareness -

Training to raise UML 2.0 awareness

Croydon, UK — UK-based training and consultancy expert for the defense industry, Objektum, is joining the Telelogic Alliance Partner Program (TAPP). Existing customers of Telelogic will be able to gain understanding of UML 1.x and UML 2.0 through Objektum's training courses.

Telelogic will be able to provide customers within the defense industry the chance to use Objektum's domain-specific UML training while the training company will get access to Telelogic TAU Generation2 tool which is used for visual systems engineering and software development that supports the recently adopted UML 2.0 standard.

“Objektum's training courses are unique as they are tailored to the practical needs of the defense and aerospace industries,” says Andy Bissell, co-founder, Objektum. “We intend to drive understanding of leading-edge technologies even further by developing new courses in UML 2.0. By giving us access to Telelogic TAU Generation2, this partnership with Telelogic will enable us to create courses that highlight the practical, real-world application of the UML 2.0 standard.

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