Trango signs up to Eclipse -

Trango signs up to Eclipse

LONDON — Trango Systems has joined the Eclipse Foundation as an 'add-in provider'. Since April 2006, its products have been shipped with Eclipse plug-ins for system integration, target control, monitoring and virtual-JTAG debugging.

Trango (Grenoble, France) a developer of embedded hardware virtualization helps semiconductors and devices manufacturers to build up scalable and secure platforms. Its Hypervisor allows multiple execution environments to run securely side by side on the same processor core.

By offering a safe environment for secure deployment of new services such as DRM or device management, Trango helps operators and content providers growing new revenues.

Available on ARMv5 and MIPS32 / MIPS64 embedded architectures, the Hypervisor and its Eclipse tools support Linux, Windows CE 5.0, as well as eCos and µC/OS-II.

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