Transceiver development platform handles wideband recording, playback -

Transceiver development platform handles wideband recording, playback


The latest member of Pentek's RTS 2500 development platform systems for real-time wideband data acquisition, signal processing, and recording, the RTS 2502, adds playback capability. The platform uses the same data-capture front-end as the company's RTS 2501, yet adds four D/A channels with two upconverters for playback. The unit comes preconfigured as a data recording system with a GUI. The RTS 2502 is a fully programmable development platform that targets transceiver applications such as military radios and commercial wireless base stations.

Like other members of the RTS 2500 family, the SystemFlow software lets developers customize features, interfaces, and operations. The software's modular design includes code for the data acquisition system as well as user control software for the GUI on the host PC. API library functions are provided with full source code so developers can either modify the example code or use it as a reference for custom software.

Each card in an RTS 2502 system accepts signals through two 14-bit ADCs running at up to 105 MHz and passes the signals through digital downconverters to Virtex-II FPGAs for signal processing and data handling. The unit can send raw or processed data to a disk array at speeds up to 160 Mbytes/sec for recording, and the unit can also send the data off-board through front panel data port (FPDP), RACE++ or Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The RTS 2502 occupies a single 6U VME card, enabling as many as 20 units to fit into a standard card cage. A base system starts at $29,995 for hardware only and $41,495 with bundled software. More information is available at

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