Transceiver pair targets FTTH market -

Transceiver pair targets FTTH market


Tokyo—Aimed at the FTTH market, fiber-optic component vendor ColorChip released a pair of transceivers: the GEPON (EPON) PX10 triplexer and the Meteor II GPON Class A+ diplexer.

ColorChip's transceivers are based on the SystemOnGlass (SOG) concept, developed with ColorChip's PLC proprietary technology. This concept simplifies the design and manufacturing process compared with the traditional bulk optic solutions. The additional video overlay channel is integrated into the PLC chip

The ColorChip GEPON triplexer offers high performance digital receiver sensitivity at a minimum -26.5 dBm and a Video PIN based receiver optimized for reception of up to 870 MHz analog video signals with minimal CNR of 46 dB.

The Meteor II GPON Class A+ diplexer transceiver includes a Fabry Perot (FP) laser, with a typical output power of +1dBm and a receiver with a typical sensitivity of -25dBm, for a downstream bit rate of 2.488-Gbits/s and an up stream bit rate of 1.244-Gbits/s.

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