Transmeta Introduces Crusoe Embedded System Development Kit -

Transmeta Introduces Crusoe Embedded System Development Kit


To further its efforts to position the Crusoe processor in the embedded space, Transmeta has announced the availability of the Crusoe Embedded System Development Kit (ESDK), a reference platform for evaluating the Transmeta Crusoe processor and for developing embedded mobile devices for use with Microsoft Windows CE .NET and Windows XP Embedded operating systems.

The ESDK features the Transmeta Crusoe model TM5800 800MHz processor, which incorporates 512KB of L2 cache memory and integrated Northbridge functionality consisting of DDR memory controller, a serial ROM interface and a 32-bit, 33MHz PCI bus interface. According to the company, this combination facilitates system design, reduces board space, enhances performance, and provides best-in-class performance for Microsoft Windows CE .NET.

The ESDK contains certified board support packages (BSPs) and optimized device drivers for the Microsoft Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating systems. A Microsoft Windows CE .NET boot loader comes with the kit to ease the adoption process of the ESDK, providing developers with a stable environment to develop a wide variety of Windows CE .NET-based devices.

The ESDK also features the LongRun Monitor for Windows XP Embedded, a graphical utility that displays the processors' use of power in MHz and voltage. The ability to manage system performance and battery life is intended to assist developers in creating high-performance, low-power products.

Transmeta has chosen Vibren Technologies, a Microsoft Windows embedded partner (WEP), as the system integrator of choice to assist customers in developing products based on the ESDK. Vibren Technologies provides guidance through the development process, from consulting to design and deployment.

Transmeta Corp.
Santa Clara, CA

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