Transmit MIMO data directly from simulation environment -

Transmit MIMO data directly from simulation environment

Multi-antenna systems require real-world verification before the products are designed due to the many uncertainties associated with the state-of-the-art modeling of MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) transmission. However, dedicated, custom tailored solutions have been the only way of setting up such demonstrators/prototypes so far. Signalion's HaLo wireless hardware-in-the-loop prototyping system provides an easy means to transmit data over the air directly from a simulation environment such as a C-program or MATLAB. The smallest available version of HaLo provides two transmit and two receive antennas for smart antenna transmission with up to 60-MHz channel bandwidth in the 2.4- and 5-GHz bands. The HaLo hardware consists of small stand-alone boxes for the transmitter and the receiver that are connected to the simulation PC over USB. Signal processing inside the transmitter and receiver is realized mainly by an RF-transceiver, an FPGA, and a DSP.

Typical system operation is to create data streams in the simulation environment and transfer the data from the simulation environment to the HaLo transmitter. A real-time radio transmission of the data follows. The signals received by the HaLo receiver are transferred back to the simulation environment which performs the remaining signal processing and analysis. HaLo is a plug-and-play system that can be included in an existing simulation environment. More information can be found at

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