Transmitters support mobile television applications using FLO -

Transmitters support mobile television applications using FLO

A new line of television transmitters that supports mobile television applications using FLO technology hails from Harris Corp. The Atlas Mobile and Ranger Mobile TV transmitters are powered by the company's Apex digital television exciter, featuring fully adaptive linear and non-linear correction for FLO requirements.

QUALCOMM developed the MediaFLO system to enable the delivery of rich, high-quality multimedia content to mobile handsets. FLO technology, a key component of MediaFLO, is an air-interface technology designed to increase capacity and coverage and reduce costs for multimedia content delivery to mobile handsets.

Harris will initially offer FLO capability in versions of its Atlas and Ranger television platforms. The Atlas liquid-cooled UHF platform has shipped into television transmission operations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the U.S., for analog operations from 2.5 to 30 kW, and DVB-T and DVB-H applications from 1.25 to 6 kW. Harris is offering the Atlas Mobile transmitters for FLO applications from 1.7 to 10 kW.

The Ranger Mobile transmitter platform is available in 250- and 500-W FLO versions. The air-cooled Ranger Mobile transmitter is suited for initial FLO transmitter deployments, as well as distributed, single-frequency networks. Additional information is available at

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