Transport and energy get help with FP7 funding -

Transport and energy get help with FP7 funding

LONDON — The European Commission's Directorates-General for Research, and Energy and Transport, will hold joint information events in Brussels on February 13 and 14 in connection with the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) research initiative.

The information days are intended to offer support to those wishing to prepare a proposal in response to the first FP7 calls. The first day will focus on the first FP7 energy call, while the second day will address the first FP7 transport call.

FP7 has a sub-programme on transport research, which includes aeronautics. The programme's budget is €4.16 billion (about $5.4billion), making it the largest programme ever devoted to transport research in Europe.

The first calls for proposal were published on December 22 and will close by the end of May 2007 and cover funding research over the period 2007 to 2013.

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