Trident celebrates 25 years with Varitronix -

Trident celebrates 25 years with Varitronix

Redhill, UK — Trident Displays' is celebrating 25 years as a distributor for Varitronix and joined the top table at Varitronix' gala dinner in Hong Kong, held to coincide with the opening of the company's new plant in He Yuan.

In 1979 Trident Displays was one of the first distributors to supply production volumes of basic 7-segment and simple custom LCDs in the UK and has since become one of Varitronix' leading distributors.

Trident says many of its original customers for basic LCDs from twenty years ago are still using Varitronix displays and some of the earliest custom display designs are still in production today. Trident has managed more than 2300 custom LCD projects with 40% of these still being used in volume by UK manufacturers.

Jim Hemsley, technical director at Trident Displays, said, “The new plant at He Yuan will significantly increase their module and custom module capability and we are looking forward to continuing our successful relationship with them.”

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