Trident to promote novel display technology -

Trident to promote novel display technology

LONDON — NTERA, a developer of NanoChromics displays using patented nanostructured materials, has appointed Trident to distribute it products in the UK and Benelux countries.

NTERA was founded in 1997 in University College Dublin as an IP holding company and was first funded in 1999. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, it has manufacturing facilities there and in Taiwan.

Commenting on the NanoChromics displays (NCDs), Trident's technical director, Jim Hemsley, said, “It's is set to make a huge impact on the future of the displays market. Visually compelling features, such as high reflectivity and excellent contrast ratios, combined with low power consumption and low voltage operation to offer designers, specifiers and OEMs a range of exciting benefits.”

The technology behind NanoChromics displays provides optical performance described as sharp and clear as ink on paper. NCDs can be read from all angles and lighting conditions, even in bright sunlight. The internal solid white layer of NCDs gives the display higher reflectivity and contrast than other technologies.

Power consumption is reduced by eliminating the need for backlighting, and the displays' 1V DC operation is said to be the lowest drive voltage of any bistable technology, simplifying the drive and control circuitry.

Power is only required when the image on the screen is changed; it is not needed to maintain the image. Existing LCD manufacturing lines can be used to produce NCDs, reducing production costs.

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