Trilogy to use NCT voice algorithms -

Trilogy to use NCT voice algorithms

LONDON — Noise Cancellation Technologies (Europe) Ltd, (NCT) has licensed its voice technology products to Trilogy Communications Ltd, a supplier of audio communications and infrastructure equipment.

Trilogy (Andover, England) has licensed NCT's (Cambridge, England) Noise Reduction (ASF), Speech in Noise Detector (SND) and Intelligent Squelch Filter (ISF) algorithms to provide DSP-based voice conditioning on a system that interfaces to UHF and VHF radio base stations.

Either integrated into audio chips or into customer software applications, NCT's 'ClearSpeech' technologies remove background noise and acoustic echo, to enable human listeners and voice recognition systems to hear the talker with optimum clarity.

“We need algorithms such as noise reduction, to improve the quality of the received speech in the presence of radio artifacts and background noise,” said Tim Hardisty, CTO at Trilogy. “We also need the reduction of noise from sources such as appliance sirens and fire alarms, and improved voice detection to reliably provide a binary indication to our control software when voice is present.”

“We are very pleased that Trilogy has chosen our voice technologies,” said Dr Gillian Davis, Managing Director of NCT. “Trilogy develop impressive communication systems that work in demanding environments, for them to have chosen our voice technology to enhance system performance is great feedback for the NCT development team and confirmation that we remain very much a world leader in this field.”

Trilogy’s engineers are using a hardware platform based on the Analog Devices BlackFin BF533 DSP, serving 8 radio channels.

The National Guard in New Orleans used four of Trilogy IC4U tactical communications units with Mercury IP communications to provide interoperability between disparate radio systems being used by the many relief agencies brought in to help. In addition, the IP satellite reachback capability allowed communication with the central command headquarters set up to manage the emergency.

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