TRINAMIC: incremental encoders for BLDC motors and stepper motors -

TRINAMIC: incremental encoders for BLDC motors and stepper motors


BLDC motors are famous for their durability, efficiency, and controllability. But while durability and efficiency are inherent to brushless DC motors themselves, the ability to control them depends on the feedback mechanism used. Which is why TRINAMIC introduces their latest ABN encoder optimized for BLDC motors: the TMCS-28-x-1024.

Enabling to drive the motor with the exact torque and rpm required for an application, optical incremental encoders for brushless DC motors as well as stepper motors make it possible to use smaller drives in applications, opening up new markets to them. What’s more, encoders like the TMCS-28-x-1024 ABN encoder also allow for predictive maintenance when used correctly.

More and more indicators show that in the near future, applications will be able to predict when parts need to be calibrated, checked for wear and tear, or even need replacing. Keeping track of runtime is one way of doing so but tracking the exact number of handlings – and type of handling – using encoders is more accurate.

Using encoders for BLDC motors, or other means of feedback systems such as closed-loop ICs for stepper motors, predictive maintenance can be built in to any application. This way, incremental encoders not only increase the efficiency by driving motors the best way possible, it further increases efficiency by reducing down-time to a minimum.

Besides offering single encoders, Trinamic now also offers both stepper motors mounted with encoders and BLDC motors with encoders mounted to them.

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