Trinamic rolls Universal Stepper motor driver with step/direction -

Trinamic rolls Universal Stepper motor driver with step/direction

The TMCM-078 stepper motor driver module expands the performance with coil currents up to 7 A at up to 75 V.

The compact and rugged unit for bipolar two-phase stepper motors can operate with motor coil currents of 0.7 A up to 7 A RMS (9.8 A peak) and voltages of 15 V to max 75 V. Parameterisation requires no PC: All settings can be done comfortably with DIP-switches. Depending on the application ” high accuracy or high RPM ” up to 256 micro steps are possible.

The patented sensorless StallGuard load measurement detects mechanical blocking and therefore can substitute reference switches plus the required wiring. The inputs for the step, direction and enable signals are optically isolated. To prevent the motor heating up unnecessarily and avoid the waste of energy, the motor current is automatically reduced to an adjustable level during standstills (standby).

All of the inputs and outputs can be connected using screw-pluggable connectors or JST crimp connectors. The compact module is supplied with a rugged aluminium housing measuring 145 x 96 x 33 mm, and manufactured compliant with RoHS.

The TMCM-078 allows the application of two-phase stepper motors in high torque and high velocity drives, without having to undertake expensive construction measures, e. g. separate cooling. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the module can be integrated into almost every application space.

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