Trio of general-purpose MCU boards fit StackableUSB spec -

Trio of general-purpose MCU boards fit StackableUSB spec


Micro/sys has expanded its selection of StackableUSB boards with the release of three general-purpose industrial microcontroller (MCU) boards: the USB1132, the USB1124, and the USB1108. When combined with off-the-shelf embedded SBCs, these plug-on I/O boards allow the SBCs to perform mid-range control functions. Each plug-and-play MCU module covers a range of A/D, digital I/O, RS232, and timer control functions on a 1.85- by 1.78-in. footprint.

A key feature of each of the boards is the interface, which supports automatic enumeration, allowing the host to detect each client when plugged into the stack and then prompting the host to install the drivers necessary for the system to operate with minimal human intervention.

The USB1132 is suited for applications that require more performance than microcontrollers have typically offered in the past. Powered by the Microchip PIC32, the module has 1.56 DMIPS/MHz performance at 80 MHz, 512 kbytes of flash memory, and 32 kbytes of SRAM. Other features include a 16 channel, 10-bit, 500-ksample/s ADC, RS232, eight programmable LEDs, and digital I/O.

The USB1124 is built with a more energy-economical PIC24 MCU. The module offers 16 MIPS of performance at 32 MHz, 256 kbytes of flash, and 16 kbytes of SRAM. With features similar to that of the USB1132, the USB1124 is suited for applications with limited power or remote locations.

Finally, the USB1108 is powered by an 8-bit, pipelined, 8051 general-purpose MCU, the Silicon Labs C8051F340. The module offers 48 MIPS of performance at 48 MHz, 64 kbytes of flash, and 2 kbytes of EEPROM.

The basic USB1132 starts at $165 in single quantity, the USB1124 at $145, and USB1108 at $125. Significant OEM discounts are available on all boards. Contact Micro/sys, at phone (818) 244-4600 or

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