Trio work to ease ARM-based MCU design-in -

Trio work to ease ARM-based MCU design-in

LONDON — In a joint effort to ease the process of evaluating and specifying a debugger, evaluation board, and RTOS, Enea and IAR Systems have worked with Oki Electric to develop a evaluation platform for Oki Electric’s family of ARM-based ML67Q4050 and ML67Q4060 microcontrollers.

The platform bundleS Enea’s OSE Epsilon real-time operating system and IAR Embedded Workbench with Oki’s AME-51 evaluation board.

“Now designers can hit the ground running with a pre-integrated evaluation board, RTOS, and IDE, everything designers need to develop and evaluate software for Oki’s ARM-based microcontrollers,” said Mike Skrtic, manager for development kits at IAR Systems.

The AME-51 Evaluation Kit includes an AME-51 Evaluation Board, a USB J-Link JTAG ICE with cables, and an AME-51 CD with documentation, sample code, and a flash programming utility. The kit also comes with an IAR Systems CD, which has a 32kB KickStart version of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, and an Enea CD with the OSE Epsilon RTOS and a Board Support Package for the AME-51.

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