Triple output 400-Watt supply provides clean power -

Triple output 400-Watt supply provides clean power

The 1673 400-watt, triple output DC power supply has twice the output power of B&K Precision's existing 1672.

The 1673 has a quad digital display, which enables the user to visually monitor the output voltage and current on both variable outputs simultaneously.

The 1673’s two variable outputs, configurable from 0 to 32 VDC, and one fixed output of 5 VDC provide reliable, clean power. The two variable outputs can also be used independently or interconnected in either series or parallel configurations for greater output voltage or current requirements.

The power supply can be set via the front panel to provide constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) operation with automatic crossover. This feature allows for continuous transition from either constant current to constant voltage mode in response to any load condition changes with a front panel LED indicator to indicate which mode is active.

The 1673's list price is $829. Download the 1673 datasheet here.

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