TTChip signs IP license with Hitachi -

TTChip signs IP license with Hitachi

TTChip of Vienna has signed a strategic partnership with Hitachi for the joint development of microcontrollers with on-chip Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) for use in automotive applications.

TTChip will supply Hitachi with TTP-related intellectual property that will be embedded in a microcontroller based on a SuperH series 32-bit RISC microcontroller. It is planned to also add TTP functionality to the H8S/H8SX series 16/32-bit CISC microcontroller. The TTP controller is based on a sequencer core and features communication speeds of up to 5Mbit/s in asynchronous mode.

Renesas Technology Corp, which will be formed when Hitachi's Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits and Mitsubishi Electronic Corporation's semiconductor group establish a joint venture on April 1st 2003, will continue the development.

Kazushige Higashihara, manager of Hitachi's automotive industrial marketing department for Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits, said, “We have been carefully watching the success of time-triggered protocols, which are mandatory for the introduction of safety-relevant applications such as driver assistance systems and steer-by-wire.”

TTP aids fault-tolerant communication in advanced applications, such as automotive steer- and brake-by-wire. In contrast to event-triggered electronic systems such as CAN, time-triggered electronic systems communicate continually in pre-defined time slots on a data bus.

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