TTP to develop DAB hardware for BT Livetime -

TTP to develop DAB hardware for BT Livetime

LONDON — The Technology Partnership (TTP) has been signed up to develop two products for BT Livetime, a phone and a portable media centre, both of which include the DAB receiver hardware, antennas, and Livetime service reception software.

TTP (Cambridge UK) says its technology can be found in 7 out of 10 handheld DAB radios currently on sale in the UK.

BT Livetime is a BT business that was set up following an agreement between BT and GWR Group, the commercial radio company, now part of GCap Media following the merger of GWR and Capital Radio. It will provide its service via Digital One – the UK's only national commercial DAB digital radio network.

BT Livetime will use digital radio capacity in the UK to transmit at high speed multi-media content, including news, sports and entertainment, to handheld devices such as mobile phones, media players and PDAs. It will develop services to complement and enhance existing telecom mobile communications services and encourage interactivity.

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