TTTech aids comms platform development for Boeing 787 Dreamliner -

TTTech aids comms platform development for Boeing 787 Dreamliner


LONDON — TTTech (Vienna, Austria) is to support the development of a TTP-based data communication platform for use in Hamilton Sundstrand’s electric and environmental control systems on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

TTTech’s Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP) provides enhanced reliability, availability and safety so that systems based on the technology require less wiring, and consequently they weigh less, than conventional systems.

TTP allows provides improved modularity and flexibility than conventional communication systems, reducing the total life cycle cost for Hamilton Sundstrand’s Common Electronic Architecture (CEA).

This cooperation between Hamilton Sundstrand and TTTech is expected to continue as a productive long-term partnership for both companies.

Systems integration is especially important to Hamilton Sundstrand since the company is the developer of a broad range of subsystems for the 787 Dreamliner. Beside its component engineering and manufacturing roles, Hamilton Sundstrand will manage the integration of the systems, and will also oversee verification testing and certification.

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