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Tundra appoints Redtree as pan-European representative

LONDON — Tundra Semiconductor has appointed of Redtree Solutions as its sole representative agent in Europe.

Supporting the complete Tundra range of RapidIO, VME and PCI/X based system interconnect products, Redtree will provide a local design-in service to tier 1 customers in IT, storage and telecom sectors.

Bronan McCabe, Tundra’s EMEA Regional Director, said, “Blue chip OEMs in Europe are deliberately outsourcing their system interconnect requirements in order to focus on core competencies. Providing them with consistent technical support – irrespective of geography – is therefore essential. Unlike other manufacturer’s agents Redtree is present throughout Europe. It understands the importance of local language, customs and business practise.”

Steve Judge, Redtree’s Managing Director said, “There’s tremendous synergy between Tundra and Redtree, we really do share a common philosophy on design-in and partnering with customers.”

The company already has (or is planning) offices in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the U.K. It also has offices in Israel and South Africa.

Bronan McCabe (left), Tundra’s EMEA Regional Director with Steve Judge, Redtree’s Managing Director

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