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TUV acquires base for one-stop-testing


LONDON — TUV Product Service plans to re-locate the majority of its current activities in Southern England to a site it has acquired in Segensworth North, Fareham.

This facility will incorporates offices and a test area within a single 44,000 sq ft building and set within 2.6 acres of land. The site will become the UK headquarters for the company.

Jean Louis-Evans, managing director of TUV Product Service and BABT, said, “Revising the layout of test platforms in a modern environment will streamline our workflows, and allows us to establish a more flexible scheduling system, so that we can deliver shorter lead times, quicker reporting and a faster throughput of jobs.”

In order to minimise any disruption for customers, the move will be staggered over a period of 12 months, and TUV Product Service will use its test facilities at Havant, Bearley and Maplewood to guarantee service continuity and a seamless service during the transition period.

The laboratories in Bearley and Maplewood, and the BABT office currently located in Hersham, will continue to operate as regional facilities following the completion of the move next summer.

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