TV browser widget for DTVs, STBs and home media -

TV browser widget for DTVs, STBs and home media

London, UK – Oregan Networks announced availability of Oregan Media Browser 4.0 for connected DTVs, branded as Onyx, which also comes in a Set Top Box edition. Oregan says Onyx delivers to consumers simplified accessibility to multiple sources of trusted Internet and personal content on TVs through a single resident TV application that requires minimal set up and can be easily “called up” in the form of a widget and dismissed without leaving regular broadcast channels or switching TV inputs.

Onyx can work in conjunction with the existing DVB, ATSC, True2Way and other types of programming, facilitating immediate access to a variety of related or relevant web video services and digitally stored content, whilst the TV is tuned into one of the available broadcast channels.

As an ease of use enhancement, Onyx features a unified media search feature, allowing users to discover content via contextual linking to broadcast, recorded, personal and web sources, from home network devices that are designed to Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) guidelines, TV programming guides, and Internet video on demand services.

Onyx functionalities are accessible through a single user interface that integrates with the traditional TV viewing experience, whilst offering extended media browsing and search options via graphical icons, with an intuitive navigational flow throughout. Onyx can be controlled via a traditional remote control or with a motion sensing remote control for high-end DTV products.

Onyx is slated for retail availability during the next holiday season.

Under the hood
Onyx is powered by the Oregan Media Browser 4.0 middleware. It encapsulates the combination of Oregan's CEA-2014 compliant XHTML engine and open widgets, closely coupled with streaming media technology that controls audio and video playback sessions launched by the browser from web, broadcast or home network sources.

To accommodate the cost sensitive DTV market, Oregan Media Browser 4.0 maintains a small code footprint, whilst meeting demanding feature and performance requirements, which allows this application to run on lower-powered DTV chipsets based on ARM or MIPS CPU architectures.

The W3C standards based foundation of Oregan Media Browser enables developers to create new web widgets and applications using readily available tools and processes.

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