TV-on-mobile gets smaller -

TV-on-mobile gets smaller

Philips announced its next generation TV-on-mobile solution for the North American markets. At six times smaller than its previous version, the BGT216 Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld (DVB-H) front-end solution, measures just 7 by 7 mm. The smaller size simplifies system integration as they trend continues to smaller, sleeker designs. At the same time, the BGT216 require less power than previous generations, maximizing battery life for end users.

The BGT216 solution for TV-on-mobile has the capabilities of a complete digital TV front-end receiver. The Philips Customer Development Kit (CDK) hastens development and reduces time-to-market for TV-enabled cellular handsets. It includes programmable options that support evolving standards and the introduction of upgrades, even after systems have been deployed in the field.

The BGT216 complete solution is now sampling. More information is available at

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