TV tuner supports T-DMB platform -

TV tuner supports T-DMB platform


Frontier Silicon's Kino 2 IC brings TV to smaller phones with longer battery life and lower cost. This second-generation device receives digital mobile TV from a T-DMB platform and operates with networks worldwide.

Kino 2 is a true multi-mode device with built in flexibility through software customization, supporting all T-DMB variants as well as DAB and DAB-IP. The flexibility enables advanced features such as conditional access and data services to be implemented in software.

Kino 2 also provides full support for DAB digital radio. Other potential applications include pocket TVs, USB dongles, personal media players, notebook computers, portable gaming devices, and in-car media devices.

Frontier Silicon has created a complete system-level reference design for T-DMB devices (RF tuner, baseband demodulator, and software). The Apollo companion IC is an RF tuner for T-DMB that supports both Band-III and L-Band reception, requiring less than 20 external passive components. More information is available at

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