Two for the road: A pair of products at SAE -

Two for the road: A pair of products at SAE

My first abbreviated day at this week's SAE Congress in Detroit, I was able to squeeze in seeing some automotive electronics developers at the show. Here are a couple of their wares:

Jim Spare, VP at Canesta demonstrated the CanestaVision 3D Vision on a chip. This system offers low-cost imaging for safety functions such as automobile occupant classification (size and position), backup view and warning, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. Using a CMOS sensor, the system's proprietary imaging software constructs a “depth map” of objects illuminated by 840-nm infrared LED or laser sources. The single-chip device targets replacing radar, ultrasound, and other vision-based sensors. Development kits are available.

Over at National Instruments, the plethora of developments shown by automotive and industrial Product Marketing Manager Joel Shapiro included the just released electrically isolated PCI data acquisition (PCI-6230) and motion control (PCI-7390) boards. The company's eased programmability features are thus now available in isolated circuit devices, which reduce such problems as common mode voltage and ground loops, especially useful for automotive applications.

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