Two-way radio works with multiple standards -

Two-way radio works with multiple standards


CML's CMX7041 two-way radio processor IC lets designers build multi-standard radios in a single, low-cost design, decreasing time-to-market and costs. The part provides a comprehensive feature-set as standard, along with a roadmap of function enhancements through the company’s FirmASIC component technology.

The CMX7041 should appeal to designers looking to use their own RF circuitry, or wish to position the RF and baseband function separately on the board. The device's specific functions are determined by uploading its function image during device initialization. A new image can be provided later to supplement and enhance device functions, expanding or modifying end-product features without the need for expensive and time-consuming design changes.

The product is a full-function, half-duplex, audio, signaling, and data-processing IC. It provides concurrent sub-audio-band and in-band signaling, complete audio processing, and a comprehensive data modem implementation. The data modem provides both a free-format data mode and robust flexible packet-data modes, using CRC, FEC, interleaving, and scrambling.

Fully functional in the range 3.0 to 3.6 V, it's available in a 48-pin LQFP or VQFN package. Further information is available at

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