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Tyco adopts Crompton motors brand to boost European drive

LONDON — Tyco Electronics is changing the name of its small motors brand to Crompton Electric Motors to reflect the nature of its electric motors capability more appropriately.

The Crompton Electric Motors brand was acquired by Tyco Electronics in 2002, and is the market leader for AC motors with output power levels ranging from 45 to 2200 Watts.

Operating from a production facility in Doncaster, Crompton Electric Motors provides motors for commercial and light industrial equipment. A bespoke AC motor design and production service is available to address unusual requirements in terms of size, mounting configuration and output power level, for example.

Brian Holdsworth, product team director of the Crompton Electric Motors brand, said, “The name change reflects our business more accurately. The aim is to remove any of the ambiguity associated with the term 'small motors' and to support our drive into Europe, where the translation of ‘small’ can be confusing.”

Tyco’s design and assembly capabilities extend to motors ranging in diameter from 70mm to 156mm, rather than micro-miniature motors.

Holdsworth added, “We have been successful over the last 2 years, having increased our market share in Europe, especially in Germany, where our sales have doubled. I believe the new name change will further strengthen our efforts in the European market and better position the company in the minds of our current and potential customers.”

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