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Tyco invests to improve RFI testing


LONDON — Tyco Electronics has invested in new test equipment for conducted RFI at its facility in Swindon. It will be used as a diagnostic tool or design-in verification tester for the range of CORCOM brand mains filters.

Tests identify noise sources and can help select the right filters to reduce noise spectra in devices, leading to undue influence on neighbouring electronic devices or systems. This is part of the requirements to obtain the CE mark on electronic equipment.

Measuring conducted RFI over the frequency range from 9kHz to 30MHz, the equipment can test products with a power requirement of up to 16A 250Vac single phase or 50A 400Vac 3 phase. The tester is fully computer controlled and graphical results are shown in bespoke software, which can also be pasted into customer test reports.

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