TZM : Prototyping ECU includes different automotive bus interfaces -

TZM : Prototyping ECU includes different automotive bus interfaces


With FlexXCon midget TZM presents a universal rapid prototyping ECU which includes a series of different automotive bus interfaces (FlexRay, CAN, LIN, MOST). The compact electronic module is the second member of the “FlexXCon Family” whose performance and variability has been increased significantly compared to FlexXCon compact. The robust design of the module allows the use not only in laboratories but also directly in vehicles.

FlexXCon midget was developed for automotive engineers who need a flexible and universal electronic platform for gateway applications, remaining bus simulation and data logging. The versatility of the ECU is achieved through the use of a high-capacity Power PC as central control unit as well as through a number of automotive bus interfaces which are variably definable by the user. For the connection to the PC, USB and Ethernet interfaces are available. FlexXCon midget provides many detailed solutions which facilitate the work with automotive bus systems. Thus, a universal gateway application is made possible through the use of a total of 4 Communication Controllers which can cover all application scenarios.

In order to implement these different applications as quick as possible the package includes a functional library, sample applications for all relevant interfaces / functions as well as a debugger and flash tool. Thus, FlexXCon midget represents a cheap, complete and compact rapid prototyping solution.

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