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u-blox: small industrial Bluetooth 5 module


u-blox announced the new ANNA-B1 Bluetooth 5 module for industrial applications. Its ultra-compact module design and industrial operating temperature range make it ideal for wide-ranging applications in size-constrained designs requiring high speed Bluetooth connectivity. ANNA B1 comes certified for select markets off the shelf. Essentially, the new ANNA-B1 is a miniaturized variant of the meanwhile well-established u blox NINA B1 Bluetooth low energy module, packed as a System-in-Package design into a tiny 6.5 x 6.5 mm footprint, just 1.2 mm thin.

ANNA B1 includes an Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller unit with a floating point unit, flash and RAM. The open CPU option provides full access to the module’s microcontroller so that custom applications can be embedded into the module. Alternatively, product developers can speed up time to market by leveraging the full force of pre-flashed u blox connectivity software. Fully tested and verified, and supporting many IoT applications, u blox connectivity software includes a GATT client and server for connectivity attributes, Serial Port Service, simultaneous peripheral and central role, and NFC technology for easy pairing to other Bluetooth low energy devices. ANNA-B1 has a built in antenna, but also allows for external antenna designs.

Typical applications for the ANNA B1 Bluetooth module are small devices such as power tools, industrial and medical sensor products, wearables, and point of sale devices that require Bluetooth 5 connectivity, either individually or as part of a mesh network. Medical and sports wearables and telematics aftermarket products including insurance boxes will benefit from the ANNA B1’s small footprint.

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