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U.K. antenna to become the golfer’s friend


LONDON — A Sarantel GeoHelix GPS antenna is being used by Tee2Green Technologies (Victoria, Australia) for use in its Sureshotgps range finder for golfers. The Sarantel antenna is able to detect low elevation satellites and provide good performance when held close to the human body.

The sureshotgps is a small, handheld range finder that uses GPS to determine distances around the golf course. It includes the ability to keep scores, recommend personalized club selection, store up to 10 courses, and download game statistics to a PC.

Golf range finders use GPS to determine the golfer’s precise location on the golf course. By computing the distance from that location to a pre-surveyed point on the course, such as the center of the green, the sureshotgps can display the distance and suggest an appropriate club. Distances to hazards, boundaries, and other locations on the course can be displayed also.

Because a few meters can make a big difference in club selection, it’s important that the GPS receiver get the best signal level out of the available satellites. The device has to be small and this is aided by Sarantel’s (Wellingborough, U.K.) GeoHelix antenna.

The GeoHelix antenna is omni-directional with broad beamwidth, which gives the antenna a wide view of the sky so satellites low on the horizon can be seen by the receiver. It is also immune to de-tuning that occurs with conventional GPS antennas when the user’s hand grasps the device to which the antenna is mounted.

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