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U.K. contract manufacturer signs up South African partner


LONDON — Prism Electronics Ltd. (St Ives, England), which specializes in providing lower volume contract manufacturing services to companies that produce electrical and electronic equipment, has signed an agreement with an un-named South African contract electronics manufacturer, to enable it to offer economical higher volume production.

Prism has also invested in its U.K. production so that manufacture can takes place either in Cambridge or in South Africa.

David Aspinall, managing director at Prism, said, “we have previously lacked the capacity to support larger volume manufacture ourselves. We are now in a position to do this by managing production in both St Ives and South Africa to meet customer requirements.”

Prism selected its South African partner because this offers a number of advantages – both organisations are in similar time zones, both speak English as a business language, both have similar business cultures and both operate to the same international quality standards.

The two companies operate compatible processes and machinery, making it easy to transfer production from one facility to the other.

Importantly, says Prism, both the U.K. and South Africa have similar legal systems and cultural understanding for the protection of intellectual property.

“We have seen too many problems created when companies have pursued a strategy of seeking the cheapest international price without proper control of quality, with failures in communication and understanding and with loss of intellectual property protection,” said Aspinall.

“We are not 'off shoring' our production facilities – in fact, we are continuing to invest in expanding our manufacturing capabilities here in the U.K. However, where it is appropriate to consider overseas manufacturing for suitable products, we are able to benefit from the massive investment made by our South African partner in its 64,000 square foot production facility.”

Last year the company appointed David Bance as its new head of operations with responsibility for the company's manufacturing operations and its continued development to facilitate projected future growth.

Prism has grown its turnover by 50 per cent over the past four years and now employs around 50 people providing electronics manufacturing services to high-tech industries as well as to the military, medical, scientific and industrial sectors.

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