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U.K. electronic component market remains ‘fragile’


LONDON — Latest monthly U.K. sales figures from The Association of Franchised Distributors of Electronic Components (AFDEC) show a mixed result with total average daily billings (net sales invoiced less credits) in November 2005 increasing by 0.76%, when compared to the previous month but declined by 7.2% when compared to the same period last year.

The overall book-to-bill ratio in November improved to 1.07:1. Overall stock turn ratios improved slightly to 2.5 times, with overall inventory levels decreasing by 3.5% and debtor days increased slightly to a total of 68.7days.

Total average daily bookings (net sales orders entered) increased by 12.1% compared to October 2005, with semiconductors increasing by 20.3%, passives increasing by 2.6%, electromechanical devices by 11.9%, while component assemblies declined by 2.2% and other products increased by 2.7%.

Semiconductor billings compared to October 2005 increased by 1.2%, passives declined by 5%, emech grew by 0.9%, component assemblies increased by 1.1% with other components increasing by 8.6%.

AFDEC chairman Adam Fletcher cautioned that although the November 2005 average daily bookings figures do show a substantial improvement when compared to October 2005, it must be noted that October 2005 was a particularly poor trading month. “Trading conditions across most sectors in the U.K. electronic component market reported by the AFDEC membership remains fragile”, said Fletcher.

AFDEC's recent annual forecast predicts the U.K. total available market (TAM) for electronic components falling 5% in 2006 to £3818million but distributors TAM (DTAM) will see them gain market share with their share of the market falling 2.4% to £1032million.

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