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U.K. electronics is core of engineering success


LONDON — The U.K. electronics industry must not just think of itself as an enabler according to Harry Tee, chairman of the revamped Electronics Leadership Council (ELC) but as an integral part of the success of the country's engineering sector. Eight new members have joined the U.K.'s Electronics Leadership Council (ELC), all of them chairmen or CEOs of electronics companies.

“Too often we hear about electronics being an enabling technology for other sectors and not an industry in itself,” said Tee. “The ELC sets out to dispel this myth. Electronics is not merely an enabler but is absolutely core to many successful U.K. engineering businesses, whether they be defined as defence, aerospace, transport or automotive. All sub-sectors will be represented on the new Council, including microelectronics, the basic building block of the industry, and – given the centrality of innovation and enterprise to the national strategy – venture capital as well. The new ELC has a vital role in providing focused and high-profile sector leadership, and we are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead”.

“The initial phase of the Council was heavily task oriented, our role being to oversee the implementation of the recommendations of the 2004 Electronics Innovation and Growth Team (EIGT) report,” said Tee. “To a great extent this has been accomplished, and the Council must now look forward to providing leadership to the wider industry. The newly constituted ELC has been set up to do precisely this, and to be far more strategic in its thinking. We welcome the new council members and the expertise and fresh thinking that they will bring to the table.

Joining the ELC are Doug Dunn, chairman, ARM; Harriet Green, CEO, Premier Farnell; Guy Griffiths, managing director businesses, BAE Systems; Herman Hauser, chairman, Amadeus Capital; Indro Mukerjee, CEO, C-MAC MicroTechnology; Graeme Philp, CEO, MTL Instruments; Alex Dorrian, CEO, Thales U.K. and Ollie Althorpe, CEO, ST Microelectronics U.K.

Remianing on the ELC are Harry Tee, chairman, Dialight PLC; David Kynaston, chairman, Electronics Knowledge Transfer Network; Derek Boyd, chairman, The U.K. Electronics Alliance; Neville Reyner CBE DL, chairman, Anglia Components; and Dave Shemmans, CEO, Ricardo PLC

In its restructured form, the ELC will assume a prominent advisory role to the Government on the U.K. electronics industry, and it has already held a successful meeting with Baroness Shriti Vadera, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business and Competitiveness.

The new ELC will meet three or possibly four times a year, with an invited Government Minister in attendance. The Council will look at all the key issues that impact on the electronics industry, including skills, innovation, investment and government procurement. It will monitor progress against an agreed strategy plan that has still to be published.

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