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U.K. IP brings multimedia to Lattice FPGAs

LONDON — Art of Silicon has joined the Lattice Semiconductor Corp ispLeverCORE Connection IP partners program and is supplying its multimedia intellectual property (IP) cores through the program.

Lattice and Art of Silicon (Bristol, England) will provide complete system solutions for their mutual customers who are integrating system-level IP with the advanced FPGA silicon architectures.

Art of Silicon has ported, optimized and tested grayscale and color versions of JPEG encoder and decoder IP cores on LatticeECP2, LatticeSC and LatticeXP FPGA devices. All cores support baseline JPEG encode/decode per ISO/IEC 10918-1.

“Art of Silicon is pleased to join the ispLeverCORE Connection Program, and to offer our JPEG cores for Lattice FPGAs,” said Tom Watts, director of Art of Silicon. “We have been impressed with the performance and features of Lattice's new generation of FPGAs and will port more of our IP cores in the future.”

“Lattice is pleased to expand into the multimedia IP arena with our new partner, Art of Silicon. Through our partnership, we will address this rapidly growing market with the best silicon and IP solutions available,” said Stan Kopec, Lattice corporate vice president of marketing.

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