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U.K. laser used in Florida research

LONDON — Powerlase Ltd has set up a partnership with the University of Central Florida (UCF) to consider how extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography can be used to further the development of a high-power laser produced plasma EUV source.

The EUV source that both Powerlase (Crawley, England) and UCF are working on is based on the laser-produced plasma approach (LPP). They aim to demonstrate the potential of this collaborative work with regard to the production of high conversion efficiency, cost effective laser-produced plasma EUV source.

Powerlase has already provided UCF with a Starlase laser to irradiate the UCF’s tin-doped micro-droplet laser plasma source. This source has demonstrated the highest conversion efficiency with a minimum amount of contamination. The combination of a high EUV conversion efficiency and the elimination of neutral and charged particles is the aim of this collaborative work.

Currently two technologies are being considered as EUV sources – laser-produced plasmas and discharge-produced plasmas. The inventor of the micro-droplet laser-plasma EUV source, Professor Martin Richardson, trustee chair and Northrop-Grumman professor of X-ray Photonics at UCF, said, “Powerlase’s investment in this collaboration demonstrates the potential advantages of solid-state laser driven laser plasma sources.  In the short time of this collaboration we have already demonstrated EUV powers approaching 10W, and expect further significant gains in the near future.  This advance provides a viable technical pathway towards satisfying the power and cost requirements for EUV lithography.”

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