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U.K. marine GPS buffer heads for Australian roads


LONDON — A U.K. based marine electronics developer is to provide a solution for buffering global positioning system (GPS) signals on a fleet of buses in New South Wales, Australia.

Actisense, the marine electronics brand of Active Research Ltd, (Poole, Dorset) is providingthe New South Wales State Transit Authority (STA) with a solution that will enable them to constantly know the location of their vehicles at any time.

The Actisense NBF-2 NMEA buffer is already used by installers within the marine industry. It will receive GPS data and distribute the information to a number of sub-systems that require the positioning information.

The NBF-2 can provide isolated data drive to six outputs enabling the GPS data can be sent to update passenger information sources, e-ticketing units and also the control station for the fleet. The New South Wales STA aimed to improve transport services and deliver real time passenger information – the system they have chosen gives visibility of the vehicles as well as keeping passengers up-to-date with the latest information through on-bus displays, street displays and real-time prediction of bus arrivals. Transit operation management receives information to effectively manage the performance of the vehicles against schedules and control the fleet of buses. “Our whole team has been delighted to see the NBF-2 Buffer ‘make it to dry land’ in Australia!” said Phil Whitehurst, managing director of Active Research. “This new contract is a strategic move into a completely new sector.” “We provided an initial 2000 units to the Transit Authority with a customized cable harness to suit their needs and hope that we can build upon existing relationships to benefit other transport based businesses.”

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