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U.K. site to close as Cookson moves production east

LONDON — Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials is to relocate its manufacturing facilities nearer to the markets that they serve which are the company say are increasingly in Central Europe.

“In terms of pure logistics, it no longer makes economic sense to supply them from the U.K. We are fortunate to have a series of manufacturing plants in closer proximity to these emerging markets. We plan to invest in these plants, in the manufacturing technology as well as their capacity, in order to ensure that we meet our customers’ requirements in the most efficient and effective way,” said David Crimp, European executive vice president for Cookson.

Solder paste manufacture will be transferred to a new facility in Dunaharaszti (near Budapest, Hungary) and the company will close its Ashford manufacturing site in England early 2010 when the current lease expires. Chemical and flux production will transfer to s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

“We sincerely hope that phasing the project over a two year period will allow our outstanding workforce to find alternative employment in the Ashford area,” continued Crimp.

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