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U.K. soft modem is a hit in LA

LONDON — A U.K.-based DSP software supplier has completed a contract to supply V.26 soft-modems to the Los Angeles Department of Public Works (LADPW) to replace a proprietary modem solution with soft-modems to run on a cheaper desktop PC architecture.

The original contract won by Numerix (Coalville, England) was designed to replace the central office modems but the success of the project has allowed the LADPW design team to use the soft-modem solution to develop test systems for use in the field and also to look to replace the deployed modems in the field with soft-modems as they become obsolete.

The new soft-modem solution is used to monitor the water levels of various ground water recharge spreading basins along the Los Angeles river. The functionality allows the network to monitor additional information such as the status of outlet and inlet valves and the occupancy or break-in of associated buildings.

The soft-modem solution is based on the SigLib DSP library which reduced the development time for the project while providing the flexibility to allow the software solution to be upgraded in the future. SigLib's portability allows development and deployment to be undertaken on completely disparate architectures and has led it to become popular in speech and data communications products.

A case study provides further details of the project.

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