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U.K. technology used for access control in Iran


LONDON — Specialist in piezo actuator technology developer, Servocell, is supplying Soha Sun, the third biggest access control specialist in Iran. The Active Latch technology will be used as part of integrated RFID electronic door lock for use in intelligent building systems.

Servocell says that this will be the first time its low power, low cost solution will make electronic door locks affordable to both commercial and domestic markets.

At present domestic users have had to make extensive alterations to doors to retrofit the system in place of the ordinary locks and wiring the locks to an external power, which Servocell says makes electronic access control has only been a viable option for hotels and businesses.

Active Latch is a low maintenance solution which enables electronic locks to run on their own independent power source with a viable battery life of 12 months or more. The lock can also be retrofitted within minutes into the traditional lock set mounting to provide a stand-alone or one which works in a network.

Last year Servocell (Harlow, U.K.) signed a deal with ODI (Mountain View, California) to develop fingerprint enabled mobile locks and in August 2004 licensed its technology to Viro, an Italian lock manufacturer.

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