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U.S. company brings Java expertise to EU project

NURNBERG, Germany — Aonix and Sysgo are working with other European technology providers and academia to produce an example application under the auspices of the TECOM/FP7 project for trusted computing.

PERC Ultra from Aonix (San Diego, Calif.) and Sysgo's (Klein-Winternheim, Germany) PikeOS, a MILS-compliant RTOS, will be used together to show how Java virtual machine technology can be partitioned in a safe and secure execution environment.

The work is part of the Trusted Embedded Computing (TECOM) initiative, an Information Software Technology Project, which is co-financed by the European Commission under EU Framework Programme 7.

The consortium of the TECOM project consists of 11 European partners from industry and academia including AMTEC, Aonix, Eads Defense & Security, Infineon, Mixed Mode, Sirrix, SYSGO, Technikon, Trango, Trusted Logic and the University of Dresden.

Aonix will contribute the development of a Java application possibly dealing with trusted mobile banking or embedded medical device or trusted sensor modules like a home electricity/gas/water meter collector. The specific project and scope are yet to be determined.

Gary Cato, director of marketing at Aonix said,”Many military and aerospace companies have been struggling with security of data and communications prompting new technologies and integration efforts such as Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) and the TECOM project. Aonix is pleased that the PERC virtual machine technology is being squarely positioned to help meet the expectations of these initiatives.”

Jacques Brygier, marketing vice president at SYSGO added, “Systems are seldom dedicated to only deal with secure data, even embedded platforms and PikeOS’ MILS compliant virtualization technology can effectively allow secret or secure data to coexist with less secure data in a cost effective way.”

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