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U.S. execs see bright future for Europe

A bevy of U.S. executives from the wide electronics industry give their candid views on the European market and how they are adapting to meet the demands.

And they have beer on the stands!What was once the incredulous reaction by executives from the United States to the hospitality for which Electronica is famous has now turned to a boast “. . . and we are going to have beer on OUR stand, and it wont be American”. But it is not the beer, or even the sausages, that continues to attract a worldwide audience to a chilly Munich every two years.

It is the opportunity to meet the electronics sector in all its guises. The semiconductor folk might not tend to venture out to the extremities here cabinets and racks are all the rage and no doubt the emech aficionado might avoid the hype that surrounds the Micro-NanoWorld. But the whole electronic world shows up for Electronica. So what is the view, from the far side of the Atlantic, of the state of European electronics?

Steve Sanghi, president and CEO of Microchip Technology

John McDonald, vice president marketing and sales at SiTime.

Thomas Beaver, executive vice president, worldwide sales & marketing at Fairchild Semiconductor

James Truchard, president and CEO of National Instruments

U.S. execs see bright future for Europe – Gary Meyers, president and CEO of Synplicity

Bill Staunton, CEO of Ramtron

Coming soon the views of Donald Faria of Altera, Mike O’Neill of AMI Semiconductor, Syed Ali of Cavium Networks, Mark Lunsford of Micrel, John Nation of Spansion, Andrew Post of Vishay Intertechnology and Perry Grace of Zilog.

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