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UBM’s Designer of Things 2014 conference scheduled


Registration   is open for UBM Technology's Designers of Things conference Sept. 23-24, 2014, focusing on the Internet of Things, wearable technology and 3D printing. It will be held at San Francisco's Mission Bay Conference Center.

A keynote speaker has been seleccted. It is Gadi Amit, lead designer behind iconic products such as FitBit, Lytro Camera and Google's new modular and 3D printed Ara phone. The founder and principal designer of San Francisco-based firm NewDealDesign, Amit was named a “Master of Design” by Fast Company in 2010 and the winner of the Cooper Hewitt Design Award in 2013.

“As Wearables and the Internet of Things become increasingly mainstream, design grows exponentially more important in enabling mass adoption,” he said. “We believe that great design sparks lasting change, and great design means taking risks beyond technology utility to inspire an experience that is both personal and meaningful to humanity.”

In his keynote at the Designers of Things, Amit will give attendees an insider's look into the world of design and innovation, specifically examining the intersection of wearable tech, 3D printing and the ever-evolving internet of things (IoT).

Tracks and sessions will cover aspects of the design, development and business of Wearable Tech and 3D Printing, and the application of IoT across these industries, including:

Developing for Wearable Devices. What unique challenges does this new area contain? This track covers: compelling apps designed with wearables' special features in mind; options for open source and software platforms; coding best practices; latest trends; adapting from smartphones to wearables; interface design; communicating hardware needs.

Wearable Tech Design Principles. Long gone are the days where function trumps all – good design has become just as important as the functionality. Track topics include: fashion meets function; unique challenges; designing with new materials (e.g. – smart fabrics); low-power designs; electrical architecture; elements of a compelling design; serving software needs.

Wearable Connectivity. The integration of Internet of Things into wearable devices. Track topics include: WiFi; Bluetooth Smart; NFC; GPS; sensors; interfacing between similar devices; interfacing between broader networks.

Networked Objects. Looking at the integration of Internet of Things into 3D printed objects, topics will include: embedded hardware/firmware; 3D printed codes; terahertz technologies.

Business of Wearable Tech. Entrepreneurs will walk attendees through the journey to IPO, whether successful or not. Topics include: best practices; lessons learned; funding & monetization; manufacturing; patents; market entrance; distribution; growing your business; case studies; “pitch” coaching.

3D printing topics will include beyond prototyping, designing in 3D and the business of 3D. To register, go to www.designersofthings.com/sanfrancisco/registration/

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