UK cores for Swiss high-speed digitizer design -

UK cores for Swiss high-speed digitizer design


NEWPORT, England — Isle of Wight based signal processing design specialist, RF Engines (RFEL), is working with high-speed data converter developer Acqiris of Geneva, on high speed digitizer design and processing core.

RFEL is supplying a complete system-on-chip design for the Acqiris AC240 2GS/s cPCI’s high-speed digitizer. This card uses a Virtex II PRO70 FPGA to hold the complex real-time processing solutions from RFEL.

In the initial application a complex pulse frequency measurement core will be provided. However, the processing power available on the card will allow applications that require large FFT algorithms of up to 32K points, running in real time at the full input rate provided by the card. John Summers, RFEL’s vice-president of sales and business development, said, “This work is an excellent blend of RFEL’s skills in high performance channelisation designs delivered to a relatively short timescale, and the instrumentation design skills of Acqiris, where very high speed data capture and analysis is required.” Viktor Hungerbuehler, Acqiris’ vice-president of engineering, said, “This is an important project for a key customer application, demanding a very high performance digitizer solution with a fairly tight delivery programme.” RFEL is a solutions provider for projects requiring complex front end, real time, wide and narrow band, flexible channelisation. The company provides a range of standard cores covering multiple FFT, polyphase DFT and proprietary PFT techniques, as well as system design services for more specialist applications.

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