UK DAB specialist expands in Asia Pacific, shows video technology -

UK DAB specialist expands in Asia Pacific, shows video technology

LONDON — RadioScape, a developer of software defined digital radio solutions, has opened new offices in Hong Kong as part of a multi-million dollar expansion into the Asia Pacific region.

In less than a year, RadioScape (London U.K.) has outgrown its initial premises, which opened with six staff and its new Asia Pacific operations centre will have 20 staff by the end of this quarter with all core functions being represented in Hong Kong. The operations centre not only provides local sales and engineering support for radio manufacturers who are primarily based in southern China, particularly around Shenzhen, but is also the hub of RadioScape’s module manufacturing and logistics team.

RadioScape has a dedicated customisation group in the centre, which is also being expanded to create additional engineering facilities for custom software and hardware development to provide customers with innovative and differentiated products.

During the opening of the new facility the company demonstrated its Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Professional Broadcasting Suite and its DAB receiver modules.

Representing the DRM Consortium at the launch, John Sykes, Project Director for Digital Radio at the BBC urged the region’s receiver manufacturers, who supply nearly all of the digital radios sold in the world today, to ensure that Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) figured in their plans for 2006.

Another innovative technology demonstrated and which is being pioneered in the Asia Pacific region, is Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB). DMB enables video to be received on a mobile device and is based on proven DAB broadcast and receiver technology. RadioScape is working with broadcasters and receiver manufacturers in trials that are currently underway in many countries in the region, including China and Korea.

DRM is a, non-proprietary global standard for the digitising of short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave broadcasting. Additionally, the DRM consortium recently voted to begin the process of extending the DRM system into the broadcasting bands up to 120 MHz. Able to cover great distances and provide near 'FM quality' audio using lower transmission powers and compatible channel allocations, DRM is currently being adopted in markets worldwide to provide new and higher quality broadcasts for local, national and international audiences. Over 20 Broadcasters are already broadcasting using DRM across the globe and include the BBC (World Service), Deutsche Welle, RTL Group, Radio Netherlands, and TDF.

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