UK designers use tool for automated library development -

UK designers use tool for automated library development


London, UK — A UK based semiconductor design house is to use Prolific's ProGenesis software to accelerate the development of its standard cell libraries. Icera Semiconductor, which has a design facility in Bristol, will use ProGenesis for the automated development of standard cells for its low power communication technology.

The ProGenesis family of tools is used for fully automated creation and migration of standard cell libraries.

Peter Hughes, vice president of silicon operations at Icera Semiconductor, said, “Prolific was chosen for their commitment to automation and customer support after a thorough competitive analysis. Prolific's software allows us to optimize our 90nm cell library quickly and efficiently to hit Icera's class-leading performance, power and manufacturability goals.”

The increasing complexity in semiconductor process technology has turned many library development teams toward automated layout creation in order to manage frequent process changes and meet time-to-market requirements. ProGenesis users can create complete standard cell libraries today, and automatically re-create at will whenever the design rules or any other design requirements change.

Icera Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company which was founded in 2002 and is funded by Benchmark Capital and Atlas Venture.

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