UK piezo technology licensed to Italians -

UK piezo technology licensed to Italians


LONDON — Servocell, the Harlow-based specialist in piezo actuator technologies, has licensed its patented piezo-based lock technology to Viro, an Italian lock manufacturer.

Currently used in Servocell's own Active Latch product family, Viro will use the technology to develop and launch the first piezo-actuated electronic euro-profile cylinder lock.

The companies are co-operating to reduce the scale of Servocell's existing Active Latch technology for integration into standard euro-profile cylinder locks.

Mechanical euro-profile cylinder locks are widely used and, according to Dr Filippo Bastianini, R&D Manager at Viro, an electronic approach will be able to add improved security and enhanced smart functions.

Bastianini, said, “Whilst high security mechanical euro-profile cylinders are available, the problems related to power supply needs and battery replacement make them unsuitable for most of the everyday applications, and we were well aware of the sizeable market opportunity, both in new and retrofit applications, that would be available to the first lock manufacturer to develop a durable, secure and easy-to-install alternative.”

Pierpaolo Bonori, General Executive Manager at Viro, said, “The use of piezo technology will ensure greater reliability and an enormously longer battery life. In comparing piezo-based to other electro-mechanical systems, we were impressed by the extraordinarily low power consumption as well as the ability to downscale the actuator component to be easily accommodated within euro-profile cylinders.”

“Servocell demonstrated the greatest knowledge of the issues involved in marrying mechanical parts with piezo actuators. No other company we considered had the level of experience necessary to understand how to use this technology inside small mechanical systems and this was vital to us,” added Bonori.

Simon Powell, Business Development Director at Servocell, said, “It provides both companies with a real opportunity to capture a significant share of the euro cylinder lock market. It also demonstrates the growing awareness of the benefits of this technology to lock manufacturers and access control companies and is a testament to our own expertise in utilising piezo-based actuator technologies in real-world applications.”

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