UK produced Java code to help US education -

UK produced Java code to help US education

LONDON — Xperts, an information technology services company based in Richmond, Virginia, is to deploy the Big Faceless PDF Library as a component within its web-based Individual Education Plan (IEP.Online) software. This software plays a critical role in the education and management of children with special needs, at public schools across the USA.

The Big Faceless Organisation is based in London and produces a stable of robust Java components including a graph and PDF Library. The Report Generator converts XML to PDF documents. Using JSP, ASP or similar technology, it is possible to create dynamic PDF reports as quickly and easily as HTML.

IEP.Online supports teachers in managing, planning and tracking children with learning difficulties, and the Big Faceless PDF Library Extended Edition will be used to generate the completion of forms such as psychological evaluations which will then be uploaded to the user's server. By embedding the Extended Edition of the Big Faceless PDF Library, IEP.Online users will benefit from additional features including, digital signature encryption and interactive AcroForms.

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